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Former Quinnipiac University Baseball Player and Arizona Diamondback Offers Advice to Athletes

Tyler Poulin is a Quinnipiac University Graduate who selected in the 29th round by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 2019 MLB draft. Tyler attended Quinnipiac for two years and quickly became a beloved teammate and captain of the club because of his display of hard work and perseverance. Arizona selected Quinnipiac’s Tyler Poulin in the 29th round (872nd overall). Poulin record was 7-2 with a 3.83 ERA in 2019 for the MAAC Champion Bobcats. Tyler was an All-MAAC First Team selection in 2019. Poulin was in the top 10 of the MAAC in ERA, batting average against, innings pitched, and strikeouts. Tyler is working his way up the minor league system and hopes one day his dream of playing in a major league baseball uniform will come true. I talked to Tyler about playing college ball all the way up to playing in the minors. Here is some advice that he has for all athletes who are looking to play baseball at the next level. 

Questions and answers for college athletes:

LRT Sports: What advice can you give to college baseball athletes who are looking to get drafted? What is the first step that they should take?

Tyler: The first and most important step to putting yourself in a good spot to get drafted would be simply having a “professional mindset.” Whether it be practice, lift, or going to class, always treat yourself like you are already a professional athlete because you will begin to create healthier habits for yourself.

LRT Sports: What advice can you give to athletes who cannot seem to get off the bench?

Tyler: The best advice to get off the bench would be competing with the person who is starting ahead of you in your position each day and trying to beat them out for the job. Hard work is the only way you will get better and get yourself in the game. Complaining and staying where you’re at will keep you on the bench.

LRT Sports: When you were playing college baseball, what three characteristics do you feel that athletes need to be a GREAT player? 

Competitiveness- Competing at all times brings the most out of us athletes. You have to compete every time out on the field so your team has a guy they can rely on.

Self –motivation- Always stay strong and motivate yourself to keep going when times get tough, or you feel like you can’t go any further. YOU CAN. Your mind is very vulnerable, but you become a better athlete and human when you can push yourself to keep on moving.

Setting goals- Write down a list of goals or keep a mental note of some far-fetched goals. This way, you can always have an idea of why you started and keep pushing yourself to achieve your dreams.

LRT Sports: What advice do you have for college athletes as far as calming their nerves before a big game?

Tyler: Nerves will always be a part of athletics. You are lying if you say you have never gotten nervous or don’t get a little nervous prior to each game. My best advice to calm your nerves would be to take a deep breath and visualize success in that future game. Trust your preparation and be a complete optimistic that if you give it your best shot, you will succeed.

LRT Sports: What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome as a college athlete? Moreover, how did you overcome it?

Tyler: I was a transfer student from a DI program (Marist College) to a Junior College (County College of Morris) and then transferred back to DI(Quinnipiac University). I often felt timid when entering these new programs but told myself to trust the process. I knew if I was myself, worked hard, and was a good teammate; I’d be in good hands.

Questions for high school athletes:

LRT Sports: Why Quinnipiac baseball over other colleges?

Tyler: Quinnipiac felt like a home away from home on my first visit. Head coach John Delaney was super inviting and made me feel part of the family right away. I also knew QU would give me a great opportunity to excel off the field as well due to their great business program.

LRT Sports: What was the best advice that a coach has given you, and who was that coach?

Tyler: Our pitching coach at Quinnipiac, coach Pat Egan. I told him I had aspirations to play baseball at the next level. Right away, he told me I had to work harder than every other pitcher on our team in order to do so. He had been drafted in the past and told me the only way to make it is never to regret a single day on the field.

LRT Sports: What advice can you give to high school baseball social media? Should they delete, or should they use it to promote themselves?

Tyler: High school athletes should definitely use the Internet to promote themselves. Instagram’s explore page is based upon your viewing habits, as you would guess mine’s filled with baseball videos. Coaches who are truly looking for the best players will be able to potentially see you on their explore page so it can never hurt to post a quick snippet of some highlights. The more you promote yourself, the better. So go for it.

LRT Sports: What should high school athletes focus on as far as being a good teammate?

Tyler: I was a big cheerleader when I was in the dugout and wasn’t playing. High school baseball players should really focus on picking up their teammates and making them feel like they can succeed at all times.

LRT Sports: How can a high school athlete get on a coach’s radar?

Tyler: The best way to get on a coach’s radar would be to attend prospect camps and do something on the field you may be afraid of doing. Put yourself out there and separate yourself from all the other guys trying to do the same thing as you.

LRT Sports: Best piece of advice that you can offer to high school athletes who are looking to get recruited by their dream school?

Tyler: To never stop working towards your dream! Every time you wake up, the first thing on your mind should be your goal of playing at this school, and you should never doubt yourself. 

Fun Questions:

LRT Sports: What is the craziest thing you saw a parent do during a game?

Tyler: I saw a parent take his shirt off and do the chicken dance behind home plate in between innings. Let’s just say he didn’t 

LRT Sports: What is your go-to-meal before a game?

Tyler: Steak and eggs are my go-to before I toe the rubber.

LRT Sports: Your go-to-pump up song before a game? 

Tyler: Call on me Eric Prydz

Edited by Caroline Kurdej

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