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October 29, 2020

Former Marquette University Lacrosse player Struggles with an Injury and Having to Retire Early

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Holly Anderson took a chance when she committed to Marquette University, a school halfway across the country from New Jersey, where she grew up. Thankfully, she chose a school that she wanted to attend, not just for athletics. Before her senior season even began, she had to retire from lacrosse medically. She had to cope with the sadness that came with never playing lacrosse or wearing a Marquette jersey ever again. This brought on a great amount of emotional pain, but her support system of teammates, coaches, and training staff helped her through this tremendously. Her story can inspire any athlete going through a long, painful injury process, both mentally and physically. Her biggest piece of advice is to play the sport you love every day like it is your last practice/game ever because you never know when it will be your last. We hope Holly’s story can help those athletes who are having similar struggles.