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September 2, 2021

Yale Football Players’ Advice on Recruiting and College Athletics

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JP Shohfi was a wide receiver for Yale and was named second-team All-Ivy League. He was named Captain of the team in 2018, and graduated in 2020. 

Charles Callender was an offensive line player for Yale and he was named second team All-Ivy League. He graduated in 2020 with JP.

Both players were on the winning team of the Ivy League Championship in 2017, under Coach Reno. 

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Jaelin Alburg, also former Yale football player & former LRT Sports intern, sat down with his teammates to ask them about the recruiting process and their perspectives as league champions. 

JP and Charles offer advice to high school athletes in the recruiting process, talk about the transition from high school to college sports, and tell of the lessons they’ve learned as college athletes. Stick through to the end of the video for some fun deleted scenes as well!
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