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October 31, 2016

Florida State Track and Cross Country Coach, Bob Braman, Offers Recruiting Advice

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We asked Bob Braman, Head Coach of Florida State Track and Cross Country what advice he could give to high school student-athletes when starting the recruiting process.

1) Make a resume to include performances, ACT/SAT/GPA. Email it to the head coach and event coach.

2) Know the program you’re writing to and be sure your talents match their level.

3) Check the website for Scholarship Standards — many programs post them.

4) Personalize the email.

5) Always begin with email, not Facebook or other social media, and never call text the coach for your initial contact.

All the Best,

Bob Braman, Head Coach

Florida State Track and Cross Country

2006 & 2008 NCAA Champions

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Photo taken from FLRunners.com