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The huddle

July 1, 2016

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting a Recruit

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When asked to host a recruit for your team, the first thoughts that might come to mind are probably, “Awesome, I’ll take them out!”, “I’m going to treat them extra special so they come here!”, or “Let’s take him/her out to dinner in town!” While these are all fun things to do and may seem to be a good idea when hosting a student, it is a whole different game when you are hosting an official visit.

According to NCAA Rules and Regulations, there are some specific guidelines that many athletes don’t know about regarding their hosting capabilities. There are four categories that the NCAA has paid attention to including: Duration of Visit, Transportation, Lodging, and Entertainment. Within each category there are some rules that the host athlete should make sure to be aware of in order to make the official visit 100% legitimate!

Duration a Visit:

The official visit is not allowed to be longer than 48 hours. The clock starts as soon as the prospect either reaches campus or is entertained by the host institution in some way. The clock ends when the prospect leaves campus and is no longer being entertained by a host. The prospect can remain in the area around the institution as long as there is no funded entertainment once the 48 hours is up.


The host institution can only pay for a round trip, direct route from the prospect’s home to the institution. If there is air fare involved, the price of the ticket cannot exceed coach class. This goes for the comparable price when taking a long distance train. The host institution cannot provide a car for the host or his/her family during the visit. The friends or relatives of the prospect cannot have their transportation covered by the institution unless they travel with the prospect during their paid-for direct route to campus.


The prospect should board and eat meals as regular students do. If they stay outside campus, they must be within a 30-mile radius and at a location comparable to the amenities of the host institution.


The host can provide entertainment for the prospect and his/her guardians, but they cannot provide to his/her friends or other relatives. Similar to the rule regarding lodging, the entertainment must take place within a 30-mile radius to campus. A host may provide complimentary tickets to the institution’s athletic event at the time of their visit, but this service may only be given to the prospect and their guardians. The ticket must also be located in the general admission section- all other higher level tickets are specifically prohibited. There should be no cash given to the prospect for entertainment purposes during the visit. The host should never purchase any school-related souvenirs or products for risk of bribery. It goes without saying, but the prospect may not consume alcohol or participate in any illegal activity. 

These are the key tips to remember when hosting a prospective student athlete, and to ensure that their visit is both fun and legitimate. It’s not worth losing a star athlete over a t-shirt or a ticket!

Photo Courtesy of: collegeculture.net