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March 18, 2021

Does Neutral Thinking and Mental Conditioning Improve Your Athletic Performance?

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From the MLB to the NFL, Alex Dachis helps professional athletes compete at the top of their  game through mental conditioning. He has worked with the Seattle Mariners and San Francisco Giants; however, he continues to assist collegiate and high school students in developing key psychological skills to improve their athletic performance. 

Dachis is a part of Moawad Consulting Group, an organization designed to help athletes and other professionals in various fields continually enhance their mental fortitude and motivation. They have engaged with some of the top athletes and collegiate programs in the United States, including Russel Wilson, Alabama football athletes, FSU football athletes, and many Olympic athletes. 

Dachis received his Master’s degree in Sports Psychology from the University of Ottawa and holds a private practice providing his mental conditioning services to MLB, MiLB, and amateur baseball players personal training sessions.

Dachis speaks about the importance of neutral thinking and how mental conditioning improves your athletic performance.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexander-dachis-93033933/ https://moawadconsultinggroup.com/the-people/