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April 25, 2019

Dish Like a World Class Athlete with HowUdish

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We have all heard of the saying “you are what you eat.” From youth sports to professional sports, we are educating ourselves on how we should fuel our body so we are at peak performance while playing our sport. The famous Olympic track and field athlete Bill Toomey stated, “Nutrition is also a valuable component that can help athletes both protect themselves and improve performance.”


As an athlete, you can understand that having a community means support, guidance, and comfort. It is one of the best parts of competing. HowUdish has many features that allow you to feel as though you have this type of support. You are able to chat with other “Dishers”, share your favorite dishes and restaurants, match with like-minded Dishers, subscribe to see dish choices from top professional athletes and much more.

Easy To Use

HowUdish is an immersive app that tackles the frustrations of understanding what the health benefits (or lack thereof) of what you’re putting into your body all while creating a community around you. You can follow along with nutritional plans of professional athletes with the likes of Brandon Marshall and Elena Della Donne or you can carve a path of your own. When you log in, you’re prompted to select which type of food lifestyle you’d like to align yourself with. If you’re gluten-free, looking for a low-fat diet, high carbs or just a well-balanced diet, HowUdish provides all options for you.

Why It’s Important

It is very critical that athletes intake the number of calories that they expend on a daily basis. This is something that you do not to guess at. In order for any athlete to perform at their peak, they need to have a proper nutritional diet. If not it can be damaging to the body and mind.

Below is part of a Nursing School Rankings infographic that dives into the number of athlete diets, with some details on unusual dietary quirks that some Olympic athletes have had.


The Pro Dish Styles is a one-of-a-kind product offering to take your meal game to the next level. With Pro Dish Styles, Dishers can find meals that fit within their respected athlete’s diet. The Pro Dish Styles athletes all follow specific nutritional meal plans.

So whether Dishers are looking to avoid red meat, sugar, carbs or inflammatory foods, they are confident that HowUdishers will find that athletes have a personalized meal plan that works for them and that they can quickly draw inspiration from.

Who Does This Benefit?

LRT Sports is dedicated to education and sharing information on college athletics, we all know that. As we’ve mentioned before, along with that comes the intense training, and upkeep of your body. This app is designed for athletes, coaches, parents, and anyone else who wants to maintain a great nutritional lifestyle or take their body to the next level. So the answer is, HowUdish can benefit everyone, since we all need to eat! Give it a try, and I promise, you won’t regret it.

Take your nutrition game to the next level by giving HowUdish a try. HowUdish – Find the dish that’s fit for you! Click here to download on the app store.