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The huddle

February 27, 2017

Bowdoin Football Coach Jonathan Michaeles Offers Recruiting Advice

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Photo by Bowdoin College

When Bowdoin College head coach Jonathan Michaeles said, “We’re trying to help our incoming students make a successful transition into college, have an impact on their community, and carry it into a successful career” it was music to our ears. “Our entire staff, along with alumni, is involved with the total development of our players. It is our goal to help our students reach their full potential in all facets of life. We want the incoming students to be able to thrive academically, on campus, as well as on the playing field.”

With over 20 years of college coaching and recruiting experience, Michaeles has coached and recruited for teams such as Colby CollegeThe University of Pennsylvania, Saint Anselm College, Fordham College, and Allegheny College.

Where do you look for recruits? Please explain.

Ability and character.

What advice would you offer a recruit who is looking to play Colby Football?

Send us your academic profile early.

If there is an early stage of your recruiting cycle, what does it look like? How do you narrow down a large sample set?

Academics narrows our pool.

What competitive advantage does Colby have over other schools in the NESCAC League?

Unique location and people that are willing to invest in a student’s future.

When should an athlete contact you, and what is the best way? (age, grade, time of year, email, phone or other)

After their junior season.

What are the do’s and don’ts when being recruited?

Be responsive to all communication.  

What is the minimum SAT/ACT score a high school athlete needs to have when applying to Colby College?

1250 SAT/25 ACT.

What really jumps out at you when reviewing a recruit’s highlight tape

Speed and athleticism.

What are the main do’s and don’ts for a recruit’s highlight tape?

Put your best plays first. Don’t use average plays.

When do you recommend recruits put together and share their highlight reels? Is it best to make their highlight reel during offseason, in the middle of season, or after each game?

In the middle of the season.

What advice do you have for recruits that get turned down by their dream schools? What are their options if they don’t gain the recruiting attention they desire?

Keep marketing themselves.

How big a factor is social media when recruiting players? What advice do you have for athletes regarding social media?

Make sure there is nothing negative that is posted.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.centralmaine.com

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Updated: 9/21/19