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The huddle

April 22, 2018

Checklist For the Recruiting Process for High School Student-Athletes

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The decision to play a collegiate sport, and the subsequent recruiting process that you will have to go through, presents a challenge every step of the way. Depending at what level you want to play at—Division I, II, or III—you should be well-prepared and have a plan that works for you.

Locker Room Talk compiled a helpful checklist for each year of the recruiting process. Although you should keep in mind that every prospective student-athletes recruiting process is unique, this is a reliable resource that you should make frequent use of throughout your high school years.

Freshman Year:

Sophomore Year: 

Junior Year:

Senior Year:

  • Whew…. almost there!
  • Continue to work hard in your classes. Take standardized tests again, if need be.
  • Keep your college application materials organized.
  • Continue to engage in conversations with college coaches.
    • Be proactive and persistent— ask direct questions. Pin down if they are actually interested in you joining their program.
    • Ask how and when you should apply.
  • Apply to (several) colleges.
    • This is especially true for Division III athletes, but even if you are going to apply “early decision” to one college, there is never a guarantee of admittance.
    • Keep your options open, just in case something (such as Financial Aid) falls through.
  • Even when the application and recruiting process threatens to stress you out, remain calm. Know that you will end up at your dream school— even if it’s not the one that you almost imagined ending up at.

The team here at Locker Room talk hopes that this checklist will aid you throughout the entirety of your recruiting process. Check out our blogs, videos, and social media accounts to learn more useful advice for the recruiting process!


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