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6 Tips and Tricks for being a Well-Rounded Track & Field Athlete

Track & Field is one of the oldest sports that we have; it’s been around since ancient times. The sport was established on the skills of running, jumping, and throwing.  Track & field also include road running, cross country running, and race walking. Most track & field events are individual sports. And they only have

November 20, 2018 Kathryn House

Davidson College Track & Field/Cross Country Coaches Offer Advice to Athletes

Davidson College is a private liberal arts college in Davidson, NC. The college offers 26 majors and 17 minors. About 25 percent of the student participate in 19 NCAA Division 1 Sports. One very successful sport at the school is Track & Field/Cross Country which is led by Coach Jen Straub. She is in her

October 8, 2018

NCAA Rule Change: Will Track & Field be the Same?

Sports, society, and life in general are always changing and adapting to fit the needs of changing cultures.  Such changes cause techniques and mindsets, that have been around for ages, to alter to meet the present standards.  Even changes on a small scale such as a little league adjusting its age rules/cut-off dates can affect

October 1, 2018

Recruiting Horror Stories by LRT Sports™ | A Missed Opportunity

The process of being recruited by a college athletic program is what many high school athlete’s dreams are about. Given the opportunity to play a collegiate sport is something special that not many people get the chance to live out. Some athletes and their families slide through the process and love every second of it, while some

May 18, 2018

NCAA D1 Dual Athlete: Rugby and Shot Put National Champion

NCAA Division 1 dual Rugby and Track & Field athlete, Mikah Maples, has won multiple national championships in rugby as well as set a new school record for shot put while at Quinnipiac University. Listen now as she talks about how she became a dual college athlete, how she balances participating in two sports, her

May 14, 2018

Former Dartmouth College Track & Field Coach Barry Harwick Talks to Us About What He Looks For

Barry Harwick is the Men’s Track and Field Head Coach at Dartmouth College and has brought huge success to the program. The first ever endowed coaching positions at Dartmouth were men’s and women’s track, so his position has a significant history. Over Harwick’s 26 years of coaching, he has led Dartmouth to win Heptagonal titles

May 4, 2018

Washington and Lee University Track & Field Coach, “Represent yourself in a way that is Upright and Honorable”

Washington and Lee University Track & Field Head Coach, Brandon Uhl, is in his seventh year as the Head Coach of the Men’s Track & Field team after coaching as an assistant for the Men’s and Women’s programs since 2008. He also serves as an assistant coach with the Men’s Cross Country program. Uhl has

November 24, 2017