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Old Dominion’s McKinnon Pennell Talks about Transition from Athlete, to Coach, to Director of Operations

By Paramveer Chohan|December 6, 2021

McKinnon Pennell is currently the director of operations for the Old Dominion University Division 1 Women’s Soccer team. Prior to this position, he worked as an assistant coach at his...

Basketball Superstar
Matt Faw: Leader in Blocks for Patriot League

By Noah Fisher|December 3, 2021

Matt Faw is a 5th-year transfer student at New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he plays on the men’s basketball team. Faw transferred from Holy Cross after he received an...

Top D2 Stadiums
Top 5 Division II Football Stadiums

By Noah Fisher|December 3, 2021

Football stadiums are the icon of every college. They are a place to show school spirit and support for your team. They are a place to relax with friends at...

Soccer Terms You Need to Know

By Andrea Leitner|December 2, 2021

Now that we’re nearing the end of the soccer season, have you found yourself following teams or talking to friends and classmates, just smiling and nodding, pretending to know what...

Oregon Tech Soccer
Oregon Tech Soccer Player, Kyle Sanchez, and the Season of Breaking Records

By Sydney DeNardo|December 2, 2021

We did a written interview with Kyle Sanchez, center back for the Oregon Tech soccer team. His story tells of trial and tribulation, breaking records, and rising to the top...

Elite Basketball
New “Elite” Option for Highschool Basketball Players

By Noah Fisher|December 1, 2021

In the day and age of young athletes profiting in ways never before seen, comes the newest professional high school basketball league, Overtime Elite. What started as a media company...

Manipulative Coach
Recruiting Horror Stories™: The Coach Manipulated Me from the First Visit

By Andrea Leitner|November 30, 2021

**Recruiting Horror Stories™ are posted every Tuesday to provide athletes’ first-hand experiences of what can go wrong during the recruiting process. Brittany was a freshman in high school, and she...

Club Team
Do You Need to Join a Club Team for Women’s Soccer?

By Andrea Leitner|November 29, 2021

Joining club sport teams is a huge time and money commitment. So, many people don’t know if they are necessary or even worth it. There isn’t an easy answer to...

Top 6 Division I Football Stadiums

By Noah Fisher|November 26, 2021

College Football has an atmosphere unlike any other. Students, alumni, faculty, and fans pile into the stadium, screaming and cheering until they can’t anymore. So, which stadiums are the best?...

Gift Guide
6 Best Basketball-Related Gifts

By Brayden Koch|November 23, 2021

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start looking for gifts for that special someone! If the person that came to mind is an avid basketball fan...

Drunken Mistake
Recruiting Horror Stories™: How I Wasted a Weekend in Nashville

By Brayden Koch|November 23, 2021

**Recruiting Horror Stories™ are posted every Tuesday to provide athletes’ first-hand experiences of what can go wrong during the recruiting process. Jake Kradel is a senior offensive lineman for the...

Sports Movies
7 Best College Sport Movies

By Isaac Haney|November 22, 2021

If you liked our Halloween Movies round-up, you’ll love our 7 favorite college sport movies even more! Cozy up with these during Thanksgiving and Winter break!  1. The Express: The...

Gift Guide
6 Gifts To Get Every Football Player On Black Friday

By Noah Fisher|November 22, 2021

The holiday season is right around the corner! We’re here to help with a christmas wish list for athletes every dau of this week. leading up to Black Friday! We...

SAT Test
Recruiting Horror Stories™: I Had to Schedule my SAT in another State because of COVID

By Dylan Tehada|November 16, 2021

**Recruiting Horror Stories™ are posted every Tuesday to provide athletes’ first-hand experiences of what can go wrong during the recruiting process. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic instilled uncertainty and doubt...

NIL $$$
University of San Diego Coach, Ben Barton, Talks about Importance of NIL to Athletes Not on Scholarship

By Isaac Haney|November 15, 2021

Ben Barton is the Special Teams Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach at the University of San Diego. He has coached at USD for seven years, and previously coached linebackers at...

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