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Shortfalls of Athletic Scholarships

Non-athlete students often make the mistake of assuming that the life of a student-athlete is privileged. People with these assumptions typically cite athletic scholarships as one of the reasons for their outlook.  These scholarships are not as immense as one may assume. It was found that the “average scholarship shortfall (out-of-pocket expenses) for each ‘full’ scholarship

October 20, 2021 Paramveer Chohan

FAFSA: What You Need to Know

Our goal as student-athletes is to get a full-ride scholarship so we can pursue our education for free. This is a nice idea, but it’s unrealistic in most cases. This is why most people combine athletic scholarships and federal financial aid to pay for school. If this is the case for you, you are going

October 18, 2021

What Makes Division III Scholarships Different

When deciding to play a sport in college, you need to consider a lot of variables. These include school culture, academics, coaching staff, team success, and how you will afford college. The issue with athletic scholarships is that they are only offered in Division I or Division II.  The good news is that DIII schools

October 11, 2021

NAIA Scholarships by Sport

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, or the NAIA, offers over $600M in scholarships every year. Founded in 1937, the NAIA consists of about 300 member institutions with approximately 65,000 student-athletes. In comparison to the NCAA, the NAIA remains a smaller association but offers bountiful opportunities to athletes across the nation. With NAIA schools being

September 20, 2021

Social Media Don’ts: Examples from Athletes Who Risked Their Scholarships

Social media has played an ever-increasing role in our lives, and as a result, it has become pivotal in the college athlete recruiting process. Most college coaches that LRT Sports has interviewed state that they look at social media when considering recruits: University of Pennsylvania Men’s Basketball Coach, Steve Donahue says of social media: “Huge

September 16, 2021

Recruiting Horror Stories: Facebook Almost Cost me my Athletic Scholarship

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, my friend Madi would excitedly respond with, “the first girl to play for the Yankees.” Madi began playing competitive softball when she was in the 5th grade. Every afternoon, you would see her walking out of school with her large bat bag draped over

September 6, 2021

Q&A: Scholarship Offers and Getting on a Coach’s Radar from URI Women’s Soccer Captain

NAME: Jaileen GoncalvesNUMBER: 17HEIGHT: 5-5YEAR: SRPOSITION: Midfield Jaileen Goncalves played her last season of soccer at the University of Rhode Island in 2019. She was a captain of the University of Rhode Island women’s soccer team for two years. She started in almost every game throughout her four years as a student-athlete and played in

September 1, 2021