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NCAA Lacrosse Rule Change

By Kelli Prange|August 23, 2017

Exciting news in women’s college lacrosse! Check out the rule change below that everyone is raving about:    Image courtesy of: Toss Schoenberger’s Official Blog

Uproar in the Hockey World: University of North Dakota

By Saroya Tinker|August 20, 2017

There has been a recent uproar in the women’s hockey world due to the recent cut of the University of North Dakota‘s women’s ice hockey program. Find out the details here: Image...

NCAA Football Strength and Conditioning Rule Change

By Kelli Prange|August 16, 2017

The typical student-athlete training process involves the sport’s coach, coaching staff, strength and conditioning coach, athletic trainer and all other supporting personnel such as administrators and academic support staff. The...

division i
NCAA: Limiting Recruiting Satellite Camps

By LRT Staff|August 7, 2017

It’s all about recruiting the best. Once again, football recruitment is evolving to find all the best athletes in the country – this time through satellite camps. Satellite camps are...

CAP agreement
NCAA: College Athletic Protection Agreement

By Jacob Lee|July 16, 2017

Recruitment is tough for every athlete in many ways. One stressful issue is the inability to know what an agreement will hold for your future as both an athlete, but...

athletic official visits
NCAA Recruiting Calendar: Early December Signing Period

By Saroya Tinker|July 6, 2017

The recruiting official visit dates and signing dates have been moved up. In a vote, the NCAA’s Division 1 Council gave the go-ahead for an early signing date, this will...

athletic career
Inside the NCAA Forum

By Chandler Frumin|July 3, 2017

Follow us as we give you an inside look at the NCAA Career in Sports Forum held June 1-4, 2017 in Indianapolis, IN! The NCAA Career in Sports Forum brings in...

college sports
Crazy NCAA Infractions

By Brandon Sires|June 19, 2017

The NCAA is known for their tyrannical rule over all-things-sports, but they also have another niche: enforcing crazy rules. Here are some examples of these rules, and how they have...

college football
NCAA: New Football Rules

By Gabby Scott|June 11, 2017

Fall is an exciting time of the year for virtually every college campus. Football is under an intense, public spotlight; the NCAA is always working to figure out ways to...

Justice for Reinhardt University

By Keirsten Sires|May 25, 2017

Carleigh Myatt, Reinhardt University, Crying Due to Unfair Call An exclusive from Carleigh Myatt, Reinhardt University Carleigh Myatt and her teammates play softball for Reinhardt University (Waleska, GA), and what happened to them...

college lacrosse
NCAA Lacrosse Recruiting Rule Changes

By Liam Kelly|May 11, 2017

The NCAA D1 Council has just passed a proposal that prohibits college coaches from contacting prospective student-athletes (PSAs) until September 1st of their Junior Year. This proposal was proposed after...

college hockey
NCAA Hockey Rule Changes

By Krista Yip-Chuck|April 20, 2017

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee initiated a new set of regulations for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 competition seasons. With any change, there is often an adjustment...

college lacrosse
NCAA Lacrosse Rule Changes

By Nicolette Michalowski|April 3, 2017

Many NCAA sports are proposing different ideas to somewhat alter, speed up or pressurize their games. Two of these sports proposing and instilling new rules are both Men’s and Women’s...

college athlete
NCAA Athletes and Aid

By LRT Staff|November 7, 2016

By Kyle Coan Student-athletes who play in the NCAA are required to maintain their amateur status. This is because the NCAA maintains that they want to preserve the integrity of...

Types of Scholarships
Scholarships | Headcount Sports vs. Equivalency Sports

By Bryan Sosoo|October 24, 2016

In high school, when the topic of athletic scholarships is mentioned, the first thing that pops into people’s minds is a “full ride.” It’s the dream of that shiny national...

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