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Bad Takes from the NCAA Senate Hearing on the NIL Laws

By Katie Lever, M.A.|July 10, 2020

College athlete name, image, and likeness (NIL) laws are coming, whether leaders in college sports like it or not. That’s why, on July 1st, a group of representatives met in...

COVID-19 Risk Waivers | Here’s What We Know So Far

By Katie Lever, M.A.|June 26, 2020

Voluntary workouts are currently underway around the country, and some universities, like Ohio State, are requiring their athletes to sign risk waivers. What do we know about these documents? In...

Censorship in College Athletics, What You Need to Know

By Katie Lever, M.A.|June 25, 2020

Every prospective athlete should know that college recruiters comb through the social media profiles of the athletes they recruit. Even if a high school athlete dreams of making it to...

Is the “Fairness in Collegiate Athletics Act” Truly Fair? What College Athletes Need to Know About a Federal NIL Bill

By Katie Lever, M.A.|June 24, 2020

Last week, Florida senator Marco Rubio proposed the “Fairness in Collegiate Athletics Act,” one of the few federal bills designed to regulate the economic activities of college athletes competing in...

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How Title IX Fails Female Athletes

By Katie Lever, M.A.|May 4, 2020

Last week, Old Dominion University discontinued its wrestling program, citing budget concerns moving forward. University of Cincinnati athletics director John Cunningham slashed men’s soccer as well, thanks to the coronavirus...

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Insights from an NCAA Policy Specialist | Don’t Clap for the NIL Announcement Just Yet

By Katie Lever, M.A.|April 29, 2020

Just hours ago, the NCAA’s top governing body made an announcement supporting a proposal to regulate athletes’ rights to profit from their names, images, and likenesses (NIL). Already, sports outlets...

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Three Things Every Recruit Should Know About Athletic Scholarships

By Katie Lever, M.A.|March 16, 2020

The devil is in the details, the old adage goes, and the NCAA is great at creating a detail-laden policy that is complicated, frustrating and nearly impossible to understand. Even...

NCAA Wrestling Rule Change

By Ashton Royal|February 24, 2020

In life, change is inevitable. When it comes to sports, especially college sports with organizations overseeing its operations, there is always the question of whether the change is for the...

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Pay to Play Bill Signed by California Governor

By Ashton Royal|February 20, 2020

For student-athletes, the thought of getting paid for their athletic talents is quite enticing. This idea of whether or not athletes should get paid for schools using their likeness, image,...

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Mizzou Appeals Football Ban for Tutor’s NCAA Academic Violations

By Joe Pounders|December 19, 2019

In January of 2019, the NCAA hit the University of Missouri’s Football team with a one-year postseason ban and a three-year probation period for the athletic department. The Mizzou Tigers’...

California Vs NCAA | The Power Dynamics in College Athletics

By Joe Pounders|December 12, 2019

The NCAA has long held a monopolistic hold over college athletes. In this regard, the NCAA has created rules and regulations which suppress college athletes from having the same freedoms...

NCAA Wrestling 2019-2020 | Rule Change on Hair Requirements

By Ashton Royal|October 21, 2019

In life, change is inevitable. When it comes to sports, especially college sports, with organizations overseeing its operations, there is always the question of whether the change will benefit the...

NCAA Football Rule Changes | Football Safety

By John Freund|October 3, 2019

To improve the safety of collegiate football players, the NCAA has announced several rule changes for the upcoming season. The NCAA’s football rules committee has decided to change the overtime...

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California State Assembly Passes Bill Allowing College Athletes to Earn Endorsement Profits

By Oliver Loutsenko|September 30, 2019

On Monday, September 9th, 2019 the California State Assembly voted unanimously, 72-0, for the Fair Pay to Play Act, a bill that would allow NCAA student-athletes to sign individual endorsement...

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NCAA Basketball | Pushing Back the 3-Point Line Infographic

By Keirsten Sires|September 23, 2019

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