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Redshirt or COVID: How to Use Your Extra Year of Eligibility

By Andrea Leitner|November 12, 2021

COVID has created a new reality for many athletes who thought their athletic career was going to be cut short. This comes in the form of the “COVID Year:” an...

NIL $$$
Navigating NIL Deals: What’s Off Limits?

By Celeste Gutierrez|November 10, 2021

As most people know, NCAA athletes can (finally) profit off of their name, image, and likeness (NIL). We’ve seen all kinds of NIL deals – from partnerships with underwear brands...

Constitutional Convention Central: Kickoff

By Katie Lever, M.A.|November 9, 2021

November 15th officially kicks off the NCAA’s constitutional convention, and there’s been a lot of talk and preliminary action leading up to the event, which makes sense, given the PR...

Recruiting Dates
Need to Know NLI Signing Dates

By Jaime Evers|November 9, 2021

Tomorrow, November 10th marks our first official NLI signing date! In honor of the occasion, the NCAA posted ALL of their signing dates, by sport, division, and early vs. regular...

Upcoming Must-Watch NCAA Action: Female Fall Sports

By Macy McHale|November 8, 2021

November and December are loaded with Division I college sports, especially women’s sports. Conference tournaments for soccer, field hockey, volleyball, and cross country are taking place throughout the month. The...

NIL $$$
6 Most Interesting NIL Deals

By Noah Fisher|November 3, 2021

Ga’Quincy “Kool-Aid” McKinstry & Kool-Aid – OH YEAH! An NIL deal like this is only written in the stars. Ga’Quincy McKinstry, who goes by “Kool-Aid,” agreed to a sponsorship with...

Constitutional Convention Central: What Changes Do Stakeholders Want to See in College Sports?

By Katie Lever, M.A.|October 26, 2021

**Our Constitutional Convention Central Series addresses how the NCAA Constitutional Convention will impact college athletes. The NCAA is in the process of rewriting its constitution, and it’s a tall order....

Trans Athletes
Texas Transgender Bill: What Do You Think?

By Jaime Evers|October 21, 2021

A lot has happened for transgender athletes this week. In a six-day period, a bill passed through the Texas House, Senate, and Governor’s desk which would prevent transgender athletes from...

Constitutional Convention
Constitutional Convention Central: What College Athletes Need to Know

By Katie Lever, M.A.|October 12, 2021

**Our Constitutional Convention Central Series addresses how the NCAA Constitutional Convention will impact college athletes and why. The phrase “constitutional convention” may give off Hamilton vibes, but you don’t need...

What Does NIL Mean for International Athletes?

By Brittany Collens|October 11, 2021

Out of roughly 460,000 college athletes, the NCAA onboards 20,000 from all over the world. And while 20,000 may not seem like that much, many of those athletes tend to...

Different Divisions – Different Intent Agreements for College Sports

By Brittany Collens|October 4, 2021

With the early NLI signing date creeping up on us, we are reminded that not all divisions or athletic associations are the same. While some athletes may be looking at...

division i
Are College Athletes Employees?

By Katie Lever, M.A.|September 30, 2021

For decades, the courts have been debating whether or not college athletes are employees. Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board might have helped make a big decision about the workplace...

Can the NCAA Cap NIL Earnings?

By Katie Lever, M.A.|September 21, 2021

This summer has been a historic few months for college athletes. On June 30th, the NCAA waived Bylaw 12 as it relates to name, image, and likeness compensation, and therefore...

List of Scholarships
NAIA Scholarships by Sport

By Chandler Frumin|September 20, 2021

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, or the NAIA, offers over $600M in scholarships every year. Founded in 1937, the NAIA consists of about 300 member institutions with approximately 65,000...

News & Policy
How To Avoid Illegal Recruiting, for Coaches

By Brittany Collens|September 20, 2021

In a time when the NCAA rulebook seems to be constantly changing (for the better), it is now more important than ever to know what is legal and what is...

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