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Thirteen-Year-Old Football Recruit Jadyn Davis

Thirteen-year-old Jadyn Davis, an eighth-grader from Charlotte, North Carolina, recently received offers to play college football at both the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia. Davis attends Providence Day School and plays quarterback for his school’s football team, the Chargers. His talent and six-foot, 155-pound size makes it no surprise that Davis caught the

December 23, 2019 Susan Guo

Mizzou Appeals Football Ban for Tutor’s NCAA Academic Violations

In January of 2019, the NCAA hit the University of Missouri’s Football team with a one-year postseason ban and a three-year probation period for the athletic department. The Mizzou Tigers’ staff promptly notified the NCAA Enforcement Committee of the misconduct and “denied that the tutor completed any work on their behalf.” During the NCAA investigation,

December 19, 2019

California Vs NCAA | The Power Dynamics in College Athletics

The NCAA has long held a monopolistic hold over college athletes. In this regard, the NCAA has created rules and regulations which suppress college athletes from having the same freedoms that come from professional sports. The rationale behind such suppression is the athletic scholarships awarded to student-athletes. This rationale is, however, no longer acceptable to

December 12, 2019

California State Assembly Passes Bill Allowing College Athletes to Earn Endorsement Profits

On Monday, September 9th, 2019 the California State Assembly voted unanimously, 72-0, for the Fair Pay to Play Act, a bill that would allow NCAA student-athletes to sign individual endorsement deals (Anantharaman, Deadspin). After the bill passed in the California Senate back in May 2019, with only one dissenter, the two chambers will now reconcile

September 30, 2019

NCAA Men’s College Basketball | FBI Investigation

This has been a long summer for college basketball fans, as several of the nation’s top team’s futures are in jeopardy.  As early as 2017, the FBI has been investigating recruits and their families to see if they have received illegal cash payments.  In February of 2018, ESPN reported that up to thirty-six Division I

August 29, 2019

NCAA Men’s Basketball Rule Change | Improving Draft Potential and Casting a Safety Net for Fringe Prospects

With the NBA draft coming up, it’s crucial to distinguish rule changes made by the NCAA late last year that will have key implications for current prospects. Specifically, college student-athletes will have more flexibility and options given to them regarding exploring the draft and returning to college.  According to the NCAA, “college basketball players can

July 22, 2019

New Big Ten Commissioner Brings It On The Court and In The Boardroom

At the age of 11, Kevin Warren was riding his bike when he was struck by a car. Doctors discussed whether young Kevin would walk again, let alone play sports. Determined to get better and to get into peak athletic shape, Kevin used the money from his insurance settlement to build a pool in his

June 27, 2019