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Mental Health Webinar with LRT Sports, Brandon Marshall, The Virago Project, and The Hidden Opponent

Brandon Marshall dives into his top book recommendations, his battle with mental health, and mental health during COVID. Hannah Lee (LRT Sports) Taylor Treacy (The Virago Project) and Leeann Passaro (The Hidden Opponent) share their stories and tips on how to handle your mental health as a student-athlete. For more mental health stories from athletes, see

February 24, 2021 LRT Sports Staff

What a UNC Athlete Did for her Injury Struggles

College swimming is in Emma Feehery’s DNA. Her mother, father, aunt, uncle, and cousin all swam in college, making her future undeniable. Primarily a distance freestyler, Feehery is an excellent addition to the UNC team. Feehery just finished her freshman year at UNC but faced struggles immediately as she got to campus. She had severe

February 22, 2021

Two Time Olympian, Brandi Chastain, on Helping to Guide Women in Soccer and in Life

LRT Sports and brandi Chastain discuss mental health during the pandemic, college recruiting, and advice from Brandi on getting outside of your comfort zone. If you should ever be reminiscing about women’s soccer, it’s a sure thing that this iconic soccer player will come up in conversation. You know whom I’m talking about, yes, Brandi

February 11, 2021

Sports Psychology and the Impact of Mental State on Physical Performance

Everybody knows that sports are physically demanding. Between practices, strength and conditioning sessions, and games, athletes must be in top physical condition. Athletes are continually thinking about what they can do physically to improve their performance. I wonder how often they think about mental performance?  It’s common for athletes to perform flawlessly in practice, but

February 1, 2021

DI Rower and How Her World Stood Still Due to the Pandemic

As a Division 1 rower for the George Washington University, I can remember the day my rowing world stood still. On March 12, 2020, the NCAA canceled all spring championships, followed that afternoon by GW’s conference, the Atlantic 10, announcing our conference championship’s cancellation. My team huddled together that night, desperately searching for the words

January 7, 2021

A Student-Athletes Concussion Story

My name is Stephanie O’Brien, and I attend Wesleyan University, where I play ice hockey; here is my concussion story. On January 10, 2020, I received a concussion that prohibited me from participating in the remainder of my season. In the first shift of the game, I got punched in the face and immediately felt

December 28, 2020

An Athlete’s Sexual Assault Story and How it Effected Her

Now a junior at Santa Clara University, Liyah Lopez #12, has quite a story. After being a golf star in high school as well as playing travel ball softball, Liyah decided to walk on at Santa Clara University’s softball team. At 5’3” and trying to be utilized as a utility player, she hoped to become

December 3, 2020