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An Athlete’s Sexual Assault Story and How it Effected Her

Now a junior at Santa Clara University, Liyah Lopez #12, has quite a story. After being a golf star in high school as well as playing travel ball softball, Liyah decided to walk on at Santa Clara University’s softball team. At 5’3” and trying to be utilized as a utility player, she hoped to become

December 3, 2020 Hannah Russell

Northwestern University Director of Performance Nutrition Talks Performance Changes & Body Dissatisfaction

Katie Knappenberger is the Director of Performance Nutrition for Northwestern University Athletics. She is passionate about maximizing fuel for athletic performance and is responsible for team and staff education, meal planning, individual nutrition counseling, and food and supplement security. Her philosophy revolves around positive body image and the idea that at every meal, athletes should

November 9, 2020

Former Marquette University Lacrosse player Struggles with an Injury and Having to Retire Early

Holly Anderson took a chance when she committed to Marquette University, a school halfway across the country from New Jersey, where she grew up. Thankfully, she chose a school that she wanted to attend, not just for athletics. Before her senior season even began, she had to retire from lacrosse medically. She had to cope

October 29, 2020

The Mental Game, Physical Fitness and Nutrition for the Athlete by Mark Glicini

Before Yale, Mark Glicini completed a post-graduate year at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, where he was selected as a First Team All-New England two-way lacrosse midfielder and was the starting point guard on the basketball team. He was also awarded the Benjamin C. Haviland Trophy, which is given each year to the “lacrosse player who

October 22, 2020

Former George Washington Track & Field Athlete | My Struggle With an Eating Disorder and My Recovery

Our mental health series is dedicated to sharing stories of student-athletes who want others to learn via their personal experiences. This story is about Miranda DiBiasio’s experience is with an eating disorder, mental health, and body image. She is a track & field athlete who graduated from George Washington University. If you have a mental

September 28, 2020

An Athlete’s Mental Health Story and How it Impacted the Relationships Around Her

Gianna Salzbrunn is a  senior on the Track & Field at Eastern Michigan University. Gianna was going through the typical schedule of a student-athlete but became quickly overwhelmed. She started her college experience, dealing with her grandfather’s illness, putting her dog down, and starting college. However, during one practice, she showed negative emotions, and her

September 21, 2020

Two Time Olympian, Brandi Chastain, on Helping to Guide Women in Soccer and in Life

LRT Sports and brandi Chastain discuss mental health during the pandemic, college recruiting, and advice from Brandi on getting outside of your comfort zone. If you should ever be reminiscing about women’s soccer, it’s a sure thing that this iconic soccer player will come up in conversation. You know whom I’m talking about, yes, Brandi

September 17, 2020