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We Need to Talk about Male Athletes’ Mental Health

By Celeste Gutierrez|November 17, 2021

It’s easy to think that we’ve come a long way when it comes to mental health, therapy, and openly communicating about our feelings. It’s not so taboo anymore to go...

Stress Relief
Athletes: How to Practice Mindfulness

By Cole Wimmer|November 11, 2021

Practicing mindfulness is a great way to quickly and easily unwind. Unwinding is crucial for athletes, with our busy schedules and constant expectations of our bodies and minds to perform....

Carbohydrates: What They Are, and Why Athletes Need Them

By Rebecca Lutz|November 10, 2021

Carbohydrates are the hottest topic when discussing nutrition and macronutrients. Over the years, carbs have been given a bad rap as a macronutrient that needs to be limited. However, this...

Am I Just Tired or is it Chronic Fatigue?

By Paramveer Chohan|November 8, 2021

Student-athletes can be some of the toughest people on the planet. Not everyone can handle gruelling practices 5-6 times a week, plus travel, competitions, and classes! It takes an awful...

School-Sport Balance
How to Optimize Your Time as a Student Athlete

By Anna Garrett|November 4, 2021

College athletes have busy, and often stressful, schedules. Between everything you have to do for school and your sport, it can be overwhelming. I’ve compiled 6 tips on how to...

Importance of Sleep as an Athlete

By Madison Machado|November 4, 2021

42% of student athletes are sleep deprived. Three in five students are clocking in less than 7 hours of sleep.  But, an average young adult requires 7 to 9 hours...

Nutrition for Athletes: Overview

By Rebecca Lutz|November 3, 2021

**Our Nutrition for Athletes series answers athletes’ questions about nutrition with a deep dive into micro- and macro-nutrients, timing meals for workouts, nutrition in the season vs offseason, and meal...

Stress Relief
7 ways to reset after a long week

By Christie Ackendorf|October 29, 2021

Everyone knows how long the week can get and how it can seem impossible for you to do it all again the following week. So, we’ve included seven ways to...

6 Tips to Improve Your Sleep Schedule

By Brayden Koch|October 28, 2021

As a college athlete, it’s difficult to fit everything in a day. From practices, to academics, to meals, and then finding time to sleep after all that. With this being...

Fueling Your Body for Performance

By Carlos Carrera|October 27, 2021

Are you getting in the proper meals to fuel your body for performance? Or, are you just eating any meal you can get your hands on during the day? It...

Handling Anxiety as a College Athlete

By Brendan Duffy|October 27, 2021

My StoryAnxiety is something that I used to think was not real, or not important. Or, something that if it was real, it could never happen to me and just...

How to handle ADHD as an Athlete

By Madison Machado|October 26, 2021

ADHD is more common in elite athletes than we may realize. Children with ADHD are drawn to sports because of the positive reinforcement and attention and focus that sports require....

Handling Depression as a Student-Athlete

By Isaac Haney|October 25, 2021

As a student-athlete, so much of your life is spent on the go that you seldom have the time to focus on your mental health. It’s incredibly easy to get...

Breast Cancer and College Athletes

By Brendan Duffy|October 21, 2021

Breast cancer is one of the silent killers. 1 in every 8 women will develop some form of invasive breast cancer. This means over 12% of females will develop breast...


By Carlos Carrera|October 18, 2021

Columbia University’s Women’s Tennis Head Coach’s three favorite letters are GTS. Go To Sleep! When I was a student athlete, sleep was underrated. Nobody was talking about sleep, nutrition, recovery,...

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