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Internationals in the NCAA: Problems and Solutions

Edited by Jaime Evers Spain has the second most international student-athletes in the United States, following Canada. Every athlete in Spain talks very highly about the United States, the NCAA, and the opportunity of getting a degree while playing the sport they love. Teresa Zorrilla, a Spanish tennis player, heard great things about the opportunities

August 22, 2021 Alejandra Barcelo-Almoyna

Recruiting Hid a Toxic, Unhealthy Culture

Edited by Jaime Evers An opportunity to join a Division I program with a history of winning championships and producing Olympic medalists, world champions, and world record holders is a dream for many young swimmers. The past success of top programs, however, is not always an accurate reflection of their current reality. The promises of

August 21, 2021

Lack of Head Coach Brings Women’s Soccer Team Closer Together

Edited by Jaime Evers Nowadays, the recruiting process for athletes can start as early as freshman year of high school. For me, it started my junior year of high school, and this is my Recruiting Horror Story™. I knew that ID camps and big showcase events were common places for college coaches of all division

August 19, 2021

Stereotyping – the Unjustified Step in the Recruiting Process

Edited by Jaime Evers Grace is fast. Maybe not Olympics fast, but surely fast enough to compete for DII or DIII cross country and track & field programs. Unfortunately, her speed wasn’t what one coach cared about. Instead, he cared about her appearance, saying she didn’t look like his “ideal athlete.” The coach said all

August 18, 2021

COVID-19 and the Mental Health Epidemic on Athletes

Not surprisingly, COVID-19 and the conditions have harmed the athlete population. Student-athletes are facing a culture shock, unlike any other sub-group. Not only are their social and academic lives on hold, but they’ve also been taken away from their sport for an extended amount of time. Though COVID-19 may be bringing light to the mental

January 21, 2021

NIL Update, Kicking the Can

Those of us paying attention to the college athlete name, image, and likeness conversation will have to wait a little longer for updates—today, the NCAA decided to delay its decision on whether or not it will amend its NIL and one-time transfer policies moving forward. Here are a few reasons why the NCAA might have

January 18, 2021

Longwood University|General Admissions Advice

Longwood University was founded in 1839 in Farmville, Virginia. It is a public liberal arts school and is the third-oldest public university in Virginia. It is also one of the hundred oldest higher education schools in the U.S.  The three undergraduate academic colleges that they have are: Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences the College

January 14, 2021