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highlight tape
Tips on Marketing a Recruiting Video

By Simmone Collins|February 9, 2018

A recruiting video is like an elevator pitch in the world of athletics. You only have a small window of time, so how can you make an impression? For coaches,...

coach and social media
Social Media and the College Recruiting Process

By Simmone Collins|May 29, 2017

Follow me! Not to the court, not to the field…right here online. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it.  We hear this all the time. And usually, we keep our social media sites...

college recruiting
Statistics on Recruiting Roadblocks

By Simmone Collins|May 7, 2017

LRT Sports (formerly Locker Room Talk) interns conducted a survey on the common roadblocks during the recruiting process. Read below to see what recruits are most concerned about, what college...

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