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Articles by Jake Sawyer

What are Unofficial Visits

During the recruiting process, you will be afforded the opportunity to take unofficial visits to schools that you are interested in. An unofficial visit is that prospects finance themselves. An unofficial visit might feel like an official visit in that it might have a set itinerary. It is a very important part of a prospect’s recruitment. Prospects

December 12, 2017 Jake Sawyer

Top Five Division 3 Football Stadiums

There is a wide range of Division 3 Stadiums that could be considered among the most fantastic facilities at the D3 level. There are certain aspects of judging a stadium that is in the eyes of the beholder, but these five stadiums stand apart from others in size, capacity, and general attendance. We picked five

November 15, 2017

5 Basketball Tips to Help Student-Athletes

Getting recruited to play men’s college basketball is a rigorous process. To draw attention from college coaches, you need to be extremely proactive in your approach to the recruiting process. If you want a college coach to see you play, it is essential that you are a versatile athlete available to the coach looking at

November 13, 2017