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Articles by Jaelin Alburg

Day in the Life of a Yale Football Player

The life of a Yale football player means hard work, sacrifice, and dedication. In my experience as a college football player, there are three very distinct periods of the year that have very different aspects. The three periods that I am talking about are in season, the offseason and spring ball. The most significant difference

November 8, 2018 Jaelin Alburg

7 Tips to Elevate Your Football Game From an Ivy Leaguer

There are countless ways to make yourself a better football player, and some work better for certain people rather than others. These, however, are a few ways, seven to be exact, that will help any football player at the high school level as well as college football players. These tips are not all directly related

October 15, 2018

Yale University Football Coach Tony Reno Offers Recruiting Advice

Coach Reno is a  former player football player for Worcester State, 1993-1996. He was hired as the Joel E. Smilow head coach of the Yale Bulldogs football in January 2012. Before his coaching career started at Yale he spent three seasons as an assistant coach at Harvard. Unless you have been living under a rock

September 16, 2018