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Articles by Caelyn Elwin

A College Athlete’s Struggle with Mental Abuse

Ali Ramirez is a Division I softball alumna of East Carolina University. After traveling across the country to be a student-athlete, her coaches mentally abused her through her first two years of college. Although thoughts of quitting were present in her mind, the young athlete persevered through the abuse and is now helping the next generation of student-athletes.

March 1, 2019 Caelyn Elwin

YOUR COACHES ARE LEAVING! The Athlete’s Guide to New Coaches

The NCAA is continuously changing, especially for recruits. The coaches are not so concrete in their positions as some might think. Whether the coaches are Division I, II, or III, there is always a chance they could be leaving the following year. I put together an athlete’s guide on what to do when the coaches

February 22, 2019

Former Major League Baseball Player Starvin’ Marvin Offers Advice to Athletes

A former Major League Baseball player, Marvin Freeman (also known as Starvin’ Marvin), is now a coach in the Marquis Grissom Baseball Association (MGBA). Before being the #2 pick for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1984, Freeman played baseball at Jackson State University. A 6-and-a-half-foot pitcher out of Chicago, Illinois, Freeman holds the lowest ERA for

February 13, 2019