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Articles by Brandon Sires

VKTRY Insole: Protecting against injury and Improving Performance

ABOUT THE GAME CHANGING TECHNOLOGY: Most sports insoles are made from plastic and foam and act as a cushion, whereas VKTRY insoles are made from a superior, ultra-lightweight, aerospace-grade carbon fiber with a comfortable foam top. VKTRY insoles have 5 different variants to ensure maximum comfort and performance, based off of foot size and length.

January 25, 2019 Brandon Sires

Top Ten High School Golfers

As golf season quickly approaches, we’re taking a look at the top ten golf recruits for the Class of 2018. Check them out below!   You May Also Like:    Tips for Getting Recruited for Golf    University of Pennsylvania Golf Coach Bob Heinz Offers Recruiting Advice    Half Time Talk: Sea Island Golf Pros   Image

August 10, 2017

Football Lessons for Success

“A competitive nature is at the core of all athletes, for they have an untempered desire to win, to be better themselves and to be the best.” – Brandon Sires, College Football Athlete Football is known as a sport of intensity, bravado, boldness, and character, but these qualities do not come to a football player

July 17, 2017

Crazy NCAA Infractions

The NCAA is known for their tyrannical rule over all-things-sports, but they also have another niche: enforcing crazy rules. Here are some examples of these rules, and how they have affected players and colleges alike: Three athletes from the University of Oklahoma recently attended a banquet at their old high school. Even though they were

June 19, 2017