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Athletes: Starting Your Book Club

As a student-athlete, your schedule is jam-packed with classes, practice, games, homework, internships, and jobs. It’s hard to keep up with it all, and very rarely can we find time for anything else.

In the spring of 2021, my teammates and I decided this needed to change, so we did what anyone would do… we started a book club! We would buy the same book, meet every Thursday, and discuss what we read. We thoroughly enjoyed it because…

  1. It gave us something to look forward to
  2. Gave us a routine
  3. Let us forget about our day to day responsibilities

You’re probably thinking: why would I want to add something else to my schedule? I promise, if it’s something that interests you, you will make time.

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Now you don’t have to go out and specifically start a book club, but I encourage you to metaphorically “find your book club.” Find a fun activity that you and a group of friends all have in common and find a time you can all meet. Socializing with others that have a common interest other than your sport or class will benefit your mental health by helping you form an identity outside of your sport and distract you from the stressors in your daily life. 

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