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September 13, 2021

3 Mistakes I Made As a College Athlete and What You Can Learn from Them

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Daniel Kober competed on the swim team at University of Alabama for four years. Daniel excelled both in the pool and in the classroom, but he had to learn some important lessons on the way in order to grow as a student-athlete. In this short video, he describes the mistakes he made, and how you can learn from them during your time as a student-athlete.

  1. Use the resources available to you
    1. Even if you don’t need them yet, it’s always better to get familiar with the resources offered by your school and take advantage of them whenever you have the time.
  2. Be happy when your teammates succeed
    1. You win with the team and lose with the team, even in individual sports. Supporting your teammates and encouraging them to improve builds team dynamic and helps you to improve as well.
  3. Learn how to shake off disappointments
    1. You will experience disappointments; learn how to deal with them so you can attack the next practice, test, etc. head-on.

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