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August 23, 2021

Five Tips to Navigate Life as a Student-Athlete

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Jimmy Criscione offers some tips on approaching your first year as a college athlete. He discusses how to overcome the challenges you will face and what to expect as a student-athlete. Jimmy is a college athlete himself and has spoken to other athletes to find advice that has helped them. 

Jimmy offers tips to navigate the following challenges future student-athletes can expect to face:

  • Expect Library Hours
    • Make the library your best friend
  • Expect a busy schedule
    • Practice Time management 
  • Expect a Lack of Sleep
    • Prioritize objectives
  • Expect your team to become family
    • Eat meals and study with them
  • Expect to feel anxious, stressed and confused
    • Ask for help

If you can start putting these tips into practice before entering college, you will be in for a smooth transition.