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August 26, 2021

Yale Athlete Maya Meschkuleit’s 3 Tips to Keeping an Athletic Base During COVID

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Edited by Jaime Evers

Maya is a Canadian athlete on Yale University’s rowing team. She has put in the hard work and dedication to compete at the Ivy League level and was training for the Olympics before Covid-19 put a halt in her plans.

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In this fun video, she offers 3 tips to keep an athletic base during COVID:

  1. Follow a training plan
    • Over and under training can both be bad on your body
    • Provide structure
    • Provides goals
    • Prevents burnout
  2. Sleep, Eat, and Recover
    • Teenagers should be getting 8-10 hours of sleep
    • Eat healthy, but allow yourself a treat every once in a while
    • Listen to your body
  3. Keep healthy mentally so you can train well physically