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January 20, 2020

Admissions Q&A’s | University of Denver

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Photo by Colorado Public Radio
Photo by Colorado Public Radio

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Admissions Counselor: Jennifer Paar

LRT Sports: How much does being an athlete affect the admissions process?

If it is a NCAA Division 1 recruited athlete, then there are different academic qualifications that are considered based on the NCAA guidelines.

LRT Sports: What are the qualities you look for when taking on a student-athlete?

We still want to make sure the student is academically ready to handle the rigors of college level classes. We look at the transcript and test scores as part of the application review.  If there are several poor grades or a downward trend then we have some concerns as to if this student will be able to graduate.

LRT Sports: What will set a student-athlete’s application apart from the general applicants or other student-athletes?

There is an additional page added to the athlete’s applications that is an athletic approval for recruitment.

LRT Sports: Does an early admission application carry more weight/have a different priority in your acceptance process?


Would your institution recommend that a student-athlete come in for an interview? If so, when would you recommend they start this process?


LRT Sports: What GPA/SAT/ACT would your institution recommend that a student-athlete shoot for?

What percentage of student-athletes receive financial aid?

We go by the NCAA requirements.

LRT Sports: What is the best way for student-athletes to start the financial aid process if they need financial aid? 

They need to submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile like all students and under the same timeline.

LRT Sports: What is your institution’s policy on financial aid? Does it differ for scholar athletes?

I do not work closely enough with financial aid to know the answer to this question.

LRT Sports: What is the best piece of advice you can give to a student-athlete who has your institution number one on their list?

Apply early for admission and financial aid. Why wait to apply to your top school. Be proactive!

LRT Sports: What makes your athletic program stand out? 

We are a unique D1 school with no Football team and a super strong  showing for our other athletic programs. We also have one of the higher percentages of athletes graduating in 4 years among other colleges and universities.