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January 20, 2020

Admissions Q&A’s | Oklahoma Christian University

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Admissions Counselor: Megann Olsson

LRT Sports: What are the qualities you look for when taking on a student-athlete?

Organized- They can handle sports and school. Humble- Not afraid to ask for help. Friendly- Able to find friends outside their sport that they can bond with and will provide additional support in their lives.

LRT Sports: What will set a student-athlete’s application apart from the general applicants or other student-athletes?

A willingness to open up about how they have grown or how they would like to improve themselves in the future. Self-confidence is fine, but it falls very easily into cocky and prideful.

LRT Sports: Does an early admission application carry more weight/have a different priority in your acceptance process?

Students who are early are more likely to receive athletic scholarships and are less rushed getting things done when school starts.

LRT Sports: Would your institution recommend that a student-athlete come in for an interview? If so, when would you recommend they start this process?

If the coach requires it, yes, I think it makes a good impression and they get a better feel for the campus. The summer between their junior and senior year, gives them plenty of time to look at their options and get on coaches radars.

LRT Sports: What GPA/SAT/ACT would your institution recommend that a student-athlete shoot for?

What percentage of student-athletes receive financial aid?

3.0-4.0/1270-1050/25-20, it’s a good average number to go for, anything below a 980/19 at our school needs to be accepted through the Bridge Program and could possibly be denied, anything higher is automatically accepted and receives a higher academic scholarship.

LRT Sports: What is the best way for student-athletes to start the financial aid process if they need financial aid? 

The FAFSA and talking to their Admissions Counselors at the schools they are looking at. We can provide additional information about the process, and it can vary from school to school. However, the FAFSA is the same and will benefit them at pretty much every school.

LRT Sports: What is your institution’s policy on financial aid? Does it differ for scholar athletes?

We give out financial aid? I admit our policy is very broad and very hard to answer, but I don’t believe it differs for scholar athletes.

LRT Sports: What is the best piece of advice you can give to a student-athlete who has your institution number one on their list?

Do not be afraid to communicate with the coaches, admissions counselors, and professors. The more questions and connections you make the easier it is to settle in and the more comfortable and confident you can be in your choice.

LRT Sports: What makes your athletic program stand out? 

Our athletes are loved, supported, and guided throughout their college careers. Their coaches, professors, and fellow students actively want them to succeed, in their academic, athletic, spiritual, and social lives. That care allows our student athletes to thrive.