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January 20, 2020

Admissions Q&A’s | Knox College

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Admission Counselor: Colin Kalmes

How much does being an athlete affect the admissions process?

For us, it technically doesn’t. Academics at our school are extremely important, but involvement in your community and extracurriculars does factor in. If a player is a captain, most improved, most sportsmanlike, then we see those qualities and can definitely factor that in.

What are the qualities you look for when taking on a student-athlete?

What is their involvement like? Are they somebody who’s always striving to be better and do they like being pushed? Qualities like this can definitely give us a good indication of what they’re demonstrating in the classroom.

What will set a student-athlete’s application apart from the general applicants or other student-athletes?

Talking about maybe a struggle they’ve had while playing. Was it an injury, not getting enough play time, or something related. I think that can set themselves apart from a general applicant. At the same time, though, we do see a lot of essays like that. In my eyes, for a student-athlete to set their application apart from other student-athletes, they should relate those athletics back to academics somehow. It’s rare that I see that type of essay and would be an integral part of attending our institution.

Does an early admission application carry more weight/have a different priority in your acceptance process?

I’m not entirely sure as I wasn’t hired until regular decision deadlines, but from what I’ve discussed, we generally maintain a similar acceptance rate during each decision period.

Would your institution recommend that a student-athlete come in for an interview? If so, when would you recommend they start this process?

We always recommend interviews/meetings for students as it gives us a time to touch base. Depending on the sport, I’d recommend summer or fall at the latest.

What GPA/SAT/ACT would your institution recommend that a student-athlete shoot for?

What percentage of student-athletes receive financial aid?

3.5. This is our unweighted average but isn’t a minimum requirement. We are always willing to consider applications even below that average.

What is the best way for  student-athletes to start the financial aid process if they need financial aid?

Early! I’m not involved in giving out scholarships, but I think only earlier can help. I’ve seen students wanting to wait to see if additional scholarships will open up, but our institution doesn’t do that and I’ve never heard of one that does. Do it early so that you have more time to consider finances and weigh your options.

What is your institution’s policy on financial aid? Does it differ for scholar athletes?

We’re Division III, so no special consideration is given to athletes.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to a student-athlete who has your institution number one on their list?

Apply early and visit during the fall at some point. Visiting a campus is extremely important for deciding “is this somewhere I’ll feel comfortable?”

What makes your athletic program stand out?

We’re Division 3, so you’ll get a chance to start maybe as early as freshman or sophomore year. Coaches will work with you on an individual basis as well. In addition, we make it easy to help student-athletes have access to academic resources and many of our athletes have high academic achievement.