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January 20, 2020

Admissions Q&A’s | Hampton University

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Photo by Hampton University
Photo by Hampton University

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Admission Counselor: Ashley Lambert

LRT Sports: How much does being an athlete affect the admissions process?

Outside of the regular requirements for admission which include:
1. Signed and Completed Online Application
2. Letter of Recommendation
3. Official High School Transcript
4. SAT/ACT scores
5. Autobiographical Essay
6. $50 Application Fee,

Student-athletes must go through the NCAA Clearinghouse as well. This will ensure that the prospective student-athlete is eligible to compete in Division I, NCAA Athletics here at Hampton University

LRT Sports: What are the qualities you look for when taking on a student-athlete?

We generally look for those who can maintain their course workload in high school with their sport. We do not have any admission requirements but our average GPA is a 3.4, average SAT is a 1050, and average ACT is 22. We generally look for applicants who fit near those numbers.

LRT Sports: What will set a student-athlete’s application apart from the general applicants or other student-athletes?

When reviewing the general application, we cannot tell whether the student is planning on competing in college athletics or not. The only way we will be able to tell is if the recruiters/coaches from the athletic department get in contact with us about prospective student-athletes. What will generally set the apart after that is their ability to balance their schooling with their athletics. If they are able to succeed in that, they will have a better chance of being admitted.

LRT Sports: Does an early admission application carry more weight/have a different priority in your acceptance process?

Early admission has priority when it comes to when the student will receive their decision letter. Also, it will give the student a better chance to receive one of our merit-based scholarships IF they are not on a full-athletic scholarship already.

LRT Sports: Would your institution recommend that a student-athlete come in for an interview? If so, when would you recommend they start this process?

I would not specifically have them come in for an interview. I would have them of course get in contact with the athletic department, and then simply let us know that they have talked to them.

LRT Sports: What GPA/SAT/ACT would your institution recommend that a student-athlete shoot for?

What percentage of student-athletes receive financial aid?

Typically we will generally admit students who have a 2.7 GPA, a 850+ on the SAT, and a 18 on the ACT. Of course, student-athletes do not get special privileges, especially since they must hold a certain GPA to compete in a sport in the NCAA.

LRT Sports: What is the best way for  student-athletes to start the financial aid process if they need financial aid?

They would need to apply as soon as the application opens. The faster they are accepted, the faster they will receive their financial aid packet. But we also strongly advise them to fill out and complete the FAFSA for any additional money potentially.

LRT Sports: What is your institution’s policy on financial aid? Does it differ for scholar athletes?

Our policy on financial aid is based off of the students parents’ income. It will also give suggestions on what the STUDENT can do for further financial aid.

LRT Sports: What is the best piece of advice you can give to a student-athlete who has your institution number one on their list?

I would advise you to keep your grades up while maintaining a good performance out on the competitive field. No matter how good a student is at a sport, if their grades are not there, they will not be an exception to the rule for admittance.

LRT Sports: What makes your athletic program stand out?

Our athletic program has currently moved out of the MEAC conference which we have historically held a spot in for many years. We are now in the Big South Conference and are looking to build more of a rapport within college athletics. We have also brought in new coaches within some of our athletic programs to better our chances of success.