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Articles with "ncaa rule"

For Better or for Worse: NCAA Rule Changes Aim to Speed Up Baseball

This past month the NCAA approved rule changes on a number of issues for the 2018-19 college baseball season. The changes address issues such as player safety, the pace of play, clarification of ambiguous rules and the use of video replay. From an outsider’s perspective, the rule changes seem to be an attempt to bring

October 22, 2018

NCAA Rule Change: Will Track & Field be the Same?

Sports, society, and life in general are always changing and adapting to fit the needs of changing cultures.  Such changes cause techniques and mindsets, that have been around for ages, to alter to meet the present standards.  Even changes on a small scale such as a little league adjusting its age rules/cut-off dates can affect

October 1, 2018

NCAA Rule Change | The Official Visit, Officially Irrelevant

As I started writing this article, the NCAA dropped a bomb, a good bomb that will alter the college recruiting process moving forward.   Under the new NCAA rules, approved this week in Indianapolis for all sports other than football and men’s and women’s basketball, Sept. 1 of a prospective student-athlete’s junior year of high

April 21, 2018

Redshirting| NCAA Rules and Regulations

New redshirt rule in place for coaches state that football players will now be allowed to play in up to four games and still qualify for a redshirt season, maintaining four years of eligibility. In the past, playing just one game could cost a player an entire season of eligibility Athletes are allowed four years of eligibility to compete, and if you redshirt one year, you could ultimately get five years of education and experience.

December 18, 2017

NCAA Rule Change: Swimming and Diving

The NCAA adjusted previous standards to follow international swimming rules. The change will affect men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams. The NCAA created the rule to increase congruity between the offseason during the summer and main season during school. This change will also help officials maintain consistency throughout different seasons. It affects lighting systems

October 9, 2017

NCAA Rule Change: Regular-Season Bat Testing to Begin 2020

Just last week, The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved the ruling to make bat testing during the regular-season mandatory starting in 2020 for Division I programs and in 2021 for Divisions II and III. Prior to this ruling, bat testing only took place during NCAA post-season games, at all division levels. Bat testing will

October 5, 2017

NCAA Rule Change: Softball Calendar Change

Due to Division 1 sports increasing the amount of early recruiting, Division 1 softball made changes to fall ball recruiting, evaluation days, and noninstitutional camps. They seek to try to put an end to early recruitment for student-athletes. According to the NCAA, they want to promote the well-being of student-athletes and coaches to ensure competitive

August 31, 2017

NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Face-Off Rule Changes

In late May of 2020, the NCAA Rules Committee voted to make significant changes to the face-off process of Men’s Lacrosse. The days of facing off where both specialists begin on their knees and engage in lengthy battles for leverage are over. The new changes include:  1.  “Having both players start face-offs with only their

August 13, 2020

NCAA Wrestling Rule Change

In life, change is inevitable. When it comes to sports, especially college sports with organizations overseeing its operations, there is always the question of whether the change is for the benefit of the players and competitors or the organization and its accompanying self-interest. Are they trying to benefit the sport or themselves? We’ll look at

February 24, 2020