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September 28, 2021

6 Tips to Get Recruited for College Football

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There are over 850 college football programs and over 80,000 college football players participating, so you need to start recruiting and getting noticed ASAP. 

Aspiring collegiate athletes must follow a plan to get recruited by a college program. The following five tips are to help high school football players enhance athleticism and gain exposure to college football coaches. 

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1. Eat Well
While eating a hearty burger and fries might work in high school, at the college level, it will not always work. Depending on your position, bulking up means putting on muscle mass, not body fat. The NCAA has well-trained nutritionists that keep tabs on your caloric intake. The trainers are continually studying new ways to help improve the athlete’s body. You will go through the weight-training program and workouts, be expected to sleep eight hours a night, and eat healthily. It is in your best interest to seek out a sports trainer and improve your nutrition in high school. If a trainer is not in your budget, there are plenty of resources online. 

2. Take the right classes 
Classes taken in your freshman year of high school may affect your NCAA eligibility. Eligibility standards are continually changing, so it is essential to keep up-to-date to ensure you complete the list of requirements by your senior year of high school. Develop a strong relationship with your guidance counselor and allow them to guide you in your course selections throughout your four years of high school. Be sure to ask your counselor for a list of your high school’s NCAA core courses to make sure you take the right classes.

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3. Do your research
Before visiting schools, figure out what you are looking for in a school. Sometimes a significant scholarship can make athletes forget about what is important. Make sure the school meets your requirements (i.e., degree program, class size, location, culture, facilities, etc.). Think about if you want to attend a DI, II or III college, or if you want to branch outside the NCAA. Once you have narrowed down your list and discovered what is important to you, research the football programs. Find out who the coaches are, check to see if they have any ratings or reviews on the LRT site. You will want to look at the size of the football roster and their record. Having some knowledge of the potential school will show the coach that you are interested in their program.

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4. Create a Hudl highlight videos
The recruitment video is one of the most important ways for an athlete to get on the coach’s radar. Take the time to obtain game footage. The quality of the video matters, do not send a coach a video filmed on your cell-phone that is shaking and unclear. You will want to see your coach when it is time to make your highlight video. He will have the footage of your games. If your school does not provide this, you will want a family member or a video expert film your games. Once you have the footage, you will make a Hudl profile and upload onto their platform. 

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5. Reach out to coaches
Very few high school athletes go on to play at the college level, so you need to make sure you’re one of the athletes that gets noticed by college coaches. You can do this via phone or email; send them your name, a highlight video, and your stats. Reaching out to coaches is especially important before showcases and camps so they know to look out for you.

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6. Attend the school’s football camps
Attending a college camp will show the coach that you are committed and allow them the chance to see you play in person. It will also let you see who your competition is and meet some athletes who are already on the team. Remember: attending a camp or visiting a school will probably be your first time meeting the coach, so try your best to have a GREAT first impression. You want that coach to remember you, so do everything to make that happen.