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6 Most Interesting NIL Deals

  1. Ga’Quincy “Kool-Aid” McKinstry & Kool-Aid – OH YEAH! An NIL deal like this is only written in the stars. Ga’Quincy McKinstry, who goes by “Kool-Aid,” agreed to a sponsorship with the famous drink company. One of the first NIL deals signed ever makes one wonder if they should start calling themselves “Lamborghini.”
  1. UNLV Men’s Basketball Team & Toyota Dealership – The most ironic NIL deal so far has to be the one between a Toyota dealership and the UNLV men’s basketball team. In the 1980s, the UNLV basketball program was accused of several NCAA violations, including one violation which alleged a local Las Vegas dealership allowed the use of a sports car to star forward Larry Johnson. Fast forward almost 40 years later, and rostered players on the team are getting a $500 a month allowance for all of their needs. A first of its kind deal that will have players rolling up to the games in style.

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  1. Gabel Stevenson & WWE – The reigning NCAA champion and Olympic gold medalist, Gable Stevenson, announced his partnership with Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. The company’s first-ever NIL deal will allow Stevenson to return to the University of Minnesota for his senior year and continue wrestling while still joining the WWE roster. In the recent WWE draft, Stevenson was selected and planned to further his involvement with the entertainment company. 
  1. Maxim Bet & Female College Athletes in Colorado – Maxim Bet is a new company built around sports betting. When NIL deals were announced, they quickly realized how valuable an asset this could be and pounced at the opportunity to start getting involved with the Colorado community. Maxim Bet announced its offer for any female college athlete in Colorado to sign an NIL deal with the company. All athletes will have to do is promote Maxim Bet at events and social media. And, those getting the most engagement will receive bonuses. An NIL deal this wide-ranging is the first of its kind and likely to start a trend. 

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  1. Virginia Tech Linemen & Mission BBQ – ‘Cash Cow’ has taken on an entirely new meaning for the Virginia Tech Linemen. The 21 rostered linemen on the Virginia Tech University Football Team signed what may be the most ingenious NIL deal to date. Rather than the regular stipends or payments, Mission BBQ decided to make their payment in the form of BBQ. In exchange for various forms of social media promotion, Mission BBQ provides the entire offensive line with weekly dinners at their restaurant. Fans cram into the restaurant every Tuesday to get a glimpse of the massive humans demolishing all food insight. A deal that truly is a win-win for both sides.
  1. Pet Smart & Trey Knox – In what might be the cutest NIL deal so far, University of Arkansas athlete Trey Knox and his dog Blue have announced their agreement with PetSmart. Trey Knox is not only the leading receiver for the Razorbacks but also a proud dog dad too. He and Blue will receive monthly payments and treats for being in social media posts and promotions for PetSmart.


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