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November 4, 2017

5 Tips to Get Recruited to Play Field Hockey

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Did you know that there are currently 279 varsity field hockey teams playing for NCAA Divisions I, II, III, and the NAIA? Locker Room Talk has five essential tips to help you get recruited to play field hockey at one of these schools.

Tip #1: Be Proactive and Start The Recruiting Process Early

Being proactive is key in the recruiting process. Field hockey recruits are allowed to start contacting college coaches by calling them at the beginning of their sophomore year in high school. However, recruits won’t be able to receive a call, text, or email from the coach at Division I and II level until September 1st of their junior year. Recruits can receive communication from Division III and NAIA schools at any time. Also, athletes can plan early in the recruiting process by creating a list of schools that they would consider for field hockey and academics.

Tip #2:  Follow Up with Coaches You Contacted

Remember, coaches want to communicate with players that have the right attitude and someone that is going to be a motivational force for the team. Prospects should always make an effort to follow up with a coach even if you’re not interested in their program. Most coaches will appreciate you being honest and transparent. Responding to coaches promptly is extremely important; if you do not, then the coach will think you are not interested, and they will move on. Recruits should respond to a coach within the week, but most coaches prefer a 24-48 hour response.

Tip #3: Create a Hudl Highlight Video

Highlight videos are essential but need to be well-made. Players can make a compelling tape by using a tripod that is in a position higher from the field. Check out Hudl! Hudl is an excellent resource to use when it comes to making highlight tapes. Field players’ highlight videos should include shooting, passing, and off-hand skills. Goalie highlight videos should incorporate someone shooting on them and clearing.

Tip #4: Play on a Field Hockey Travel/Club Team

Players should play on a field hockey travel team if they can. Nowadays, it is rare to see a field hockey player in college that only played field hockey for their high school team. Players should be playing field hockey year-round to get recruited by select schools.

Tip #5: Attend Field Hockey Showcases and Camps

There are many field hockey showcases and camps that players can attend year round that is hosted by colleges or field hockey organizations. A top field hockey showcase that I would recommend is the Disney Field Hockey Showcase. Players can sign up and enter most showcases for a fee depending on the showcase and based on the player’s age group.


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