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5 Tips for Cheerleaders to get Recruited

Being recruited to cheer for a college or university is significantly different than the recruiting process of a football or basketball player. Despite this difference, many high school cheerleaders have found themselves being recruited to cheer in college. How? Below are the top 5 tips for cheerleaders to get recruited.

Attend collegiate cheer clinics 

A lot of colleges will host one-day clinics where high school cheerleaders are invited to showcase their talents. At these clinics, you can be expected to tumble and stunt, as well as show your cheering and dancing abilities. 

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Cheer at an all-star gym

A lot of colleges have reported that they will look specifically at all-star gyms before looking at high schools. Attending an all-star gym will give you the benefit of being looked at first by potential scouts. 

Get involved with extracurriculars 

This tip goes for any athlete looking to be recruited. If you are involved in activities other than your sport, it shows that you are well-rounded and able to manage multiple things on your plate. By being involved in a club or two at school, you are showing scouts that you are able to manage your time well.

Contact the school first

If you are trying to be recruited as a cheerleader, there is a good chance that you will need to be the one to initiate the conversation with your school(s) of choice. By being the first one to reach out, it shows that you are confident and passionate about cheering for them. 

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Take unofficial visits 

A lot of universities will not offer official visits for cheerleaders, simply because the demand is not as high as it may be for other sports. By taking unofficial visits, you can narrow down the list of universities you would want to attend, thus allowing you to spend your energy focusing on those schools. 

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