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4 Tips to Recover from a Bad Game

Having a bad game is inevitable in every athlete’s career. How you handle that bad game can make or break your performance at the next one. Here are four tips to help you bounce back from a bad game: 

  1. Think of three things you did well and one you’d like to improve on 

Often when we have a bad game, we dwell on all the bad things that happened and start to spiral. Therefore, it’s important to recognize what you did well and highlight those wins before focusing on where you can improve. 

  1. Sleep on it 

The next tip is to sleep on the performance and then let it go. There is nothing you can do to change what happened; therefore, you have to work past it. Waking up the next morning allows you to restart a new day with a new attitude to perform at the best of your ability. 

  1. Watch film 

While you don’t want to dwell on your performance, it’s crucial to learn from it. Watching what you did well and what you could do better next time will help you be prepared for the next game. 

  1. Do something unrelated to your sport 

It’s important to create a balance between your sport and the rest of your life. Do something fun to take your mind off your sport. This will allow you to take a break, get out of the mental block you’re having, and not think about your performance.

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