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4 Tips to Prevent Athlete Burnout

One of the hardest things about being an athlete is realizing you don’t enjoy your sport anymore. Pressure sets in, losses happen, repetitiveness gets tiring, and you can get physically and mentally drained. When you’re not having fun anymore, practice becomes a chore and games don’t get you hyped. You chose this sport for a reason, so here are 4 tips to staying in the game when you start to feel burnt out. 

  1. Remember why you’re playing

Think about when you first started and how much fun you were having. Think about why you wanted to be a college athlete in the first place. Remember that all the hard work pays off.

  1. Take the pressure off

You do not have to be the best all the time. Everyone has bad days. Take a deep breath and move forward knowing better days are to come.

  1. Take time to do something outside of your sport

Taking a day or week to mentally reset can give you much-needed time away from the sport. This alone could give you a new perspective. 

OIT soccer player Jake Mitchell’s advice is: “Take your mind off the game for a week. Just don’t think about it… focus on other aspects of your life for that one week or two and then you’ll be able to get right back into it.”

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Enjoy your time with your team and soak it in. When you are having a bad day, remember the good times. Relax and make sure whenever you are playing, you should be having fun too. 

Jake’s teammate, Reilly Combs, explains: “when I go to practice and don’t really want to be there, I focus on having fun rather than playing well.”

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