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4 Tips to Handle Team Drama

Every team will experience bumps in the road. You’re not all going to have the same values, beliefs, or perspectives on everything, or even most things. The real work is putting your differences aside and coming together to accomplish a common goal. Here are some rules to help you along in your inevitable tiffs throughout your season.

  1. Be crystal clear about your team culture on day 1 

This is a conversation that captains or coaches need to start, but it is just as important for newbies and underclassmen to invest into. Communicate what you expect from your teammates, and set that example.

  1. Actively listen 

No one likes the feeling that someone is not hearing a single word they’re saying. So, try to focus on actively listening to what your peers are saying before simply just waiting your turn to speak. This in itself will help you avoid unwanted arguments and settle disagreements before they arise.

  1. No triangle communication

This is when person A is really mad at person B but they tell person C about it and then person C talks to person A. It’s a big mess. Go straight to the person you’re upset with.

  1. The 3 day rule 

This rule states that you have 3 days to have a conversation with the person who made you upset. If you choose to not have that conversation in those first 3 days, you lose the right to be mad about it or to let it affect your actions. There’s no time for holding grudges.

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