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4 Tips for Marketing Your Student Athlete Experience in a Job Interview

When you’re a student athlete, it can be difficult to be active in many other extracurricular activities, but the good news is that being an athlete in itself is one of the most tasking extracurricular activities there is. This means it looks great on a resume and equips you with some of the most important skills needed in the workforce. Here are some great tips on how you can market yourself as a student athlete.

  1. Team Player

When in a job interview, put a major emphasis on how being a college athlete has helped you grow as a team player. Most jobs involve you working as a cohesive unit, so having the intangible skills it takes to positively contribute to a team is a major benefit in most recruiter’s eyes.

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  1. Time management

It’s no secret that being a student athlete requires an insane amount of time, but you’ve proven you can do it! You were able to excel in your classes, your sport, and whatever else you’re involved in. Use this to your advantage and talk about the steps you’ve taken to ensure that you always manage your time correctly.

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  1. Commitment to growth

As a student athlete, you work 30+ hours a week to not only play well at your sport, but to improve. Companies are looking for people who will work hard to grow, and if you can show them how your hard work has paid off being a college athlete, they may see that translating in the professional world.

  1. Communication

Communication is a massive part of any job you ever apply to, and luckily, it’s a big part of every college athletic program. Whether it’s on or off the field, you’ve proven that you can communicate with your teammates and coaches. Now it’s time to prove that you can do the same within the job force.

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