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September 1, 2021

How to Prepare for Your College Visits

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“Be mindful, vigilant, and educated”

The transition from high school to college athletics is a very exciting time, but it can be overwhelming as well. We’ve put together this video with 3 quick tips to help you be the most prepared you can be for your upcoming college visits:

Know the difference between official and unofficial visits

Official visits are overnight visits paid for by the school that allow you to experience “a day in the life.” The amount of overnight visits you can take is limited, so reserve these for your top-choice schools

Unofficial visits are the same as official visits, except the school cannot pay for them. While this means you have to cover your expenses yourself, you also get an unlimited amount of unofficial visits, meaning you can visit as many schools as you would like.

Know eligibility requirements for the school: each school and athletic league and division have
their own requirements, so make sure you meet the requirements for the school before
you visit.

Do your own research about the school before you visit: Coaches and schools will try to “sell you a dream,” so doing research allows you to keep the visit realistic.

Follow this easy how-to guide and your college visits will be a success!