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June 2, 2018

2018 NCAA New Rules | Men’s Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Softball, and Lacrosse

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Proposed Rule Changes:

            • The three-point line will be extended by approximately 1 foot 8 inches to the same distance used by FIBA for international competition (22 feet 1.75 inches).
            • The free throw lane will be widened from 12 feet to 16 feet, consistent with the width used by the NBA.
              • The games will be divided into four 10-minute quarters as opposed to two 20-minute halves. Teams will shoot two free throws beginning with the fifth foul of each quarter.
            • The shot clock will reset to 20 seconds after an offensive rebound instead of the full 30 seconds.
    • New NCAA Football Rule for Kickoffs and Touchbacks [2]
            • “Allow the receiving team to fair catch the kick inside the 25-yard line and have it result in a touchback.”
    • New College Football Recruiting Rules [5]
            • Ability to set up an earlier signing date for recruits. Adding a 10th assistant coach for FBS programs
            • Altering the recruiting calendar to allow for earlier official visits
            • Limiting schools to signing 25 players per year, ending the practice of over signing. 
            • Ending “satellite” summer camps by restricting them to a 10-day period on a school’s own campus, while allowing coaches “to have recruiting conversations” with players at the camps.
            • The rules committee states, “the weight management rules were established to protect the health and safety of the participants in the sport.”
              • The punishment for violating the weight management process is as follows:
                • First offense: “Requires a wrestler to miss eight consecutive competitions.”
                • Second offense: Sit out for a year.
    • New NCAA Softball Rules [7]
              • The NCAA is implementing big changes to the softball recruiting landscape starting August 1, 2017. Early recruiting is crazy in softball so the NCAA is looking to take preventative measures by altering the non-scholastic recruiting calendar and non-institutional camp policies.
    • New NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Rules [8]
              • Free movement rule, which allows players to continue moving after a foul or violation has been called, which allows for “quick restarts” similar to those seen in soccer. 
              • The NCAA changed the way draws are conducted. 
                • Draws to determine possessions after goals will now happen with three players from each team in the circle. 
            • The revamp ensures player safety and allows officials to accurately determine the player with possession.

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