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2 Satisfying Snacks for Athletes on the Go

As a student-athlete, I know how hard it is to find time to eat. Between class, practice, lift, and homework, there is very little time to grab a meal. Sometimes you won’t have time to eat at all. With that being said, I will name my two favorite snacks to grab and eat on my way to practice, class, and lifts. I always have at least one of these in my backpack or gym bag – usually both!

Trail Mix
If you are looking for a sweet snack to have, but you do not want straight candy, trail mix is the way to go. It is a relatively healthy option, and it contains chocolate and raisins, which will treat your sweet tooth. For this reason, trail mix is one of my favorite snacks to grab and eat on the go. Trail mix also has proteins and healthy fats in the nut mix!

Protein Bar (Any kind)
Missing meals is going to happen when you are a student athlete. With this in mind, I look for a snack that will keep me healthy and satisfied through classes and workouts. One great snack to eat on the go would be a protein bar. They will keep your protein intake up which will help you keep your muscle mass up, and they are healthy. With protein bars, you don’t have to cook an elaborate steak dinner to meet your needed protein intake. Here are some tasty options to pick from, all $3 or less:

  • G2G Protein Bar
  • Perfect Food Bar
  • Vital Proteins Collagen Bar
  • Lenny and Larry’s the Boss Cookie
  • Clif Builders

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