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May 30, 2018

#1 WNBA Draft Pick, Kelsey Plum, Talks About Diet and the Challenges of Playing at the College Level

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Photo courtesy of Kelsey Plum
Photo courtesy of Kelsey Plum

Kelsey Plum is a decorated women’s basketball player. Kelsey played in college at the University of Washington from the year 2013-2017. During her time there she led the Huskies to a Final Four appearance and she is currently the highest-scoring NCAA Division I women’s basketball player by career points at 3,527 points. In 2017, Kelsey went as the #1 WNBA draft pick to the San Antonio Stars. The Stars have now moved to Las Vegas and are the Aces. Kelsey Plum is currently over in Turkey but took the time to sit down to answer some questions for us.

LRT: Would you have used Locker Room Talk as a resource if it were around when you were being recruited?

K: No doubt. There are things that you can find on this resource that are very genuine and stuff that you may not get on campus when you are around coaches, so it helps players, especially young ones.

LRT: What would you say was the most difficult part about playing a sport at the college level compared to playing it at the high school level?

K: The intensity and consistency you have to have. You can’t just show up and expect to have a spot. Everything takes more detail and preparation; there is a different level of focus that you have to tap into.

LRT: Knowing that diet is important for athletes, what is the one thing you try to avoid and what do you think the one thing that all athletes should try to have in their daily meal plan?

K: I changed my diet significantly from when I entered college. I went from eating everything to being a pescatarian. I would advise young players to watch their sugar intake, especially refined sugars. It has a huge negative impact on your body. Also, I would suggest eating for recovery after hard practices. I love chocolate almond milk, with some protein to help your body recover.

LRT: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you on the basketball court?

K: The funniest thing that’s happened to me while playing basketball probably happened during a high school AAU game. I thought we were down by 8 with 2 min left and I was pressing full court and starting to steal the ball, and I was yelling at people to get up and pressure. Long story short, after the game I was so mad because I felt like no one cared that we lost, and that’s when one of my teammates looked at me and said: “What are you talking about…you know we won right?”

LRT: What is one piece of advice you wish you received before coming to college?

K: You’ll never regret the time you put into the game so take advantage of every opportunity that is given. There are so many resources for you so use them.

LRT: When did you start to lift weights and how often?

K: I started in middle school; I think I was 13 and lifted three days a week. Nothing crazy (no squatting or heavy weights) all functional movements, and core strength

LRT: What are some of the emotions and thoughts you had when you went #1 in the WNBA draft?

K: I was just in complete shock. I had dreamt about that moment since I picked up a ball and to have all my friends and family there was even more special for me.

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