Conditioning and Performance
5 Exercises a Baseball Player Can’t Live Without

By Benjamin Reinisch|January 21, 2022

As a baseball player, you want to do everything you can to increase your batting and throwing velocity. Focusing on shoulder strength and mobility, rotiational core strenght, and explosiveness are fundamental to improving your stats. These are 5 exercises you should be doing every day to strengthen those areas and prevent injury. 1. Internal/ External...

ashland basketball
What are College Basketball Practices Like?

By Karlee Pireu|January 21, 2022

Congrats! You’ve signed onto your dream school’s basketball team. So, now what? You can never really know what being a college athlete is like until you’ve lived it, but we’re here to tell you a little bit about what practices are like at the college level. Related school rating: Ashland University Outside Work: The...

Hey There Beautiful!
5 Fun Game Day Hairstyles for Softball Players

By Madison Machado|January 21, 2022

Workout gear can be 100% addictive. And, what better way to crush your New Year’s fitness goals than with AFFORDABLE new workout clothes? You might as well save a few bucks while still rocking the looks you love! Here are some brands of workout gear that are definitely worth your time.  Related: Top 5...

Helping Your Athlete through the Recruiting Process
Recruiting Advice to Parents from University of Maryland Track & Field Athlete’s Mother

By TJ Bleichner|January 21, 2022

TJ Bleichner was on University of Maryland’s track and field team for fours years, and competed for one season with Louisiana State. He experienced his own recruiting horror story before ending up at the right school, and his mom was there for it all. They sat down to talk about her role during his recruiting...

Finding the Right Fit
3 Main Factors to Consider When Choosing a College

By Keirsten Sires|January 21, 2022

You’ve put in years of hard work and dedication to your sport, worked hard in the classroom, and in the end, hopefully, you are in a great spot to be recruited. It’s time to find the right home for you for the 4 ish years of your life. You will want to find the right...

Campus Visits
What They Don’t Tell You About Your Overnight Trip

By Madison Machado|January 20, 2022

Congratulations! You were invited on an overnight visit with your prospective college team. The overnight is one of the last few steps you take before finalizing your commitment. This is a great opportunity to meet and bond with the team to see if this program is a good fit for you. During your overnight visit...

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