Transfer Portal Saturation
How COVID has affected the transfer portal

By Andrea Leitner|January 17, 2022

COVID has proven to affect the world a tremendous amount, and continues to do so in the realm of college athletics. With the halt of college sports in the 2019 Spring and 2020 Fall school semesters, the NCAA granted athletes in college at that time an extra year of eligibility to participate in their sports. This...

Roster Stalking
10 Ways to Track Basketball Stats during Your Recruiting Process

By Destiny Washington|January 17, 2022

The athletic recruiting process is all about finding the right place for you, right? Well, yes. But, it’s also about making sure you are the right fit for the team. So, how do you figure out whether a coach will want or need you? By watching their stats. Watching the stats of current players on...

7 Tips to Turn Defeat into Motivation

By Sydney DeNardo|January 17, 2022

Nobody likes to lose. When it comes to losing a point or a game, defeat is a hard feeling to shake. Sometimes it feels impossible, but there are ways to get out of this funk. There comes a point when a decision has to be made: Should I give up or keep going?  If you...

Know the Jargon
Track and Field Lingo

By Paramveer Chohan|January 14, 2022

Every sport has its own lingo – slang, acronyms, and terminology – that you’re expected to know when communicating with others in your sport. Track & field is one of the many sports that has its own unique lingo. I will break down a few key terms that people must know in the world of...

Recruiting Goals
Goals You Should Be Setting as an Athletic Recruit

By Christie Ackendorf|January 14, 2022

Written with contributions from Jaime Evers, Editorial Lead We all have aspirations and goals. A big misconception about goals and dreams is that they have to be big. Big dreams, like getting into the Division I school of your choice, are important, but if they are unattainable, you can get let down and discouraged.  Small...

Walk-On Battle
Walking on in College Football: an Uphill Battle

By Isaac Haney|January 14, 2022

Reaching signing day without a scholarship offer is a situation that nobody imagined that they’d be in. Maybe you didn’t get the opportunities you thought you would in order to get recruited, maybe you weren’t yet physically developed enough to get that scholarship offer (which plays a big factor in football), or maybe you just...

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